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High Pressure Treated Timber


Osmose Naturewood preserved wood is the name given to timber that has been preserved with an Osmose preservative system which is based on copper and organic co-biocide (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). Alkaline Copper Quaternary systems have provided proven performance for over a decade in locations throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.

Osmose Naturewood preserved wood can be used for fencing, timber decking, landscaping timbers and construction timbers.

Service life of the treated timber depends upon the species, end use and application rates. Those timbers exposed to weathering but installed above ground contact will achieve service lives of between 15-30 years.

Osmose Naturewood products will initially have a green appearance that highlights the natural variations of the wood; this will weather to an attractive honey brown colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey after long term exposure to the sun.

Osmose Naturewood products can be stained to match any outdoor colour scheme. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Yes. Osmose Naturewood-treated timber can be painted using most standard wood coating systems. It is important that the timber should be dried sufficiently following treatment. In general that means that timber should be less than 20% moisture content, at the time of painting. Both water-based and oil-based systems are compatible but advice should be sought from the coatings supplier before application.

  • If you desire to apply paint, stain, clear water repellent or other finish to your preservative treated wood, we recommend following the manufacturers instructions and label of the finishing product. Before you start, we recommend you apply the finishing product to a small test area before finishing the entire project to ensure it provides the intended result before proceeding
  • Mould growth can and does occur on the surface of many products, including treated or untreated wood, during prolonged surface exposure to excessive moisture conditions. To remove mould from treated wood surfaces, wood should be allowed to dry. Typically, mild soap and water can be used to remove surface mould
  • Whilst every care is taken in selecting sound quality timber during manufacture, regard must be taken to the fact that timber is a natural product and is liable to swelling, shrinking, cracking or warping. Resin pockets i.e. splits in wood filled with sap are a natural characteristic in wood and are unavoidable
  • Although your unit is manufactured with pressure treated timber we highly recommend that a good quality water repellent treatment is applied shortly after delivery and thereafter annually

  • We recommend concrete or paving slabs as a base. Please ensure the base is firm and level
  • It must be emphasized that a sound base is an important factor in gaining maximum usefulness from your unit whichever style you choose
  • We do not recommend assembly direct onto earth or grass
  • Assembly is offered on the understanding that a level base is ready with an adequate means of access to the site. If your base is not likely to be ready at the appointed delivery date, we do require a minimum of 5 days notice in order for us to re-schedule
  • If the site is found to be unsatisfactory upon arrival and it becomes necessary to re-visit the site at a later date a further £35 delivery charge will be made on the proviso we can leave the building. If we need to return the building to our site and return with it at a later date there will be a £100 charge
  • All timber sizes are nominal and are subject to production variation
  • Our policy is one of constant improvement and all specifications may be altered without prior notice
  • Buildings remain the property of Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd until paid for in full