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A Complete Guide to Storage Buildings and Their Uses

Most of us acquire an awful lot of ‘stuff’ over a lifetime, and no matter how much space you have in your home, you may be asking yourself what to do if you run out of storage. It’s not just a domestic concern either, many businesses rely on storage to house their extra stock or equipment, and there are several different types of storage available depending on your needs and how much security you need.

Whether you’re after domestic or commercial storage, there are many different options to choose from, and some types of storage buildings are better suited to one industry or purpose than others. If you’re thinking about which type of storage is best suited to your needs, keep reading for a complete guide to storage buildings and their many potential uses.

What to consider

The purpose of your storage building will of course influence the type you choose, someone who wants a space to store their garden tools will obviously have very different needs to a business needing an industrial warehouse.

Most domestic storage buildings are made of wood (for example garden sheds), but there are many different sizes to choose from, as well as various designs, colours and shapes. If the storage building is going in your backyard or garden, you’ll also want to consider the installation – will it be DIY or will you hire a professional to install it for you?

It’s also wise to consider the level of security you need; garden sheds can usually be kept safe with a secure padlock, but for a garage or industrial warehouse it’s likely you’ll need some more high tech storage solutions. Think about gates, electronic doors, alarms or CCTV if you have a lot of valuable stock or equipment that needs to be held in storage.

We will discuss the different types of storage buildings, their uses and pros/cons in more detail below.

Domestic storage buildings

Domestic storage buildings cover those that you find in your garden or attached to a residential property, for example garden sheds, garages, summerhouses or even a greenhouse. See below for some more detail about each type of building.

Garden sheds

Arguably the most popular type of domestic storage building, garden sheds come in all sizes and the majority are made of wood or metals like aluminium or galvanized steel. Metal sheds won’t rot and are fireproof, but they can be trickier to assemble and some people don’t think they are as aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden sheds come in several different materials; usually pine or spruce but these can be prone to rot. Cedar is much more resistant, although this type of shed is much more expensive. Garden sheds are typically used for storing garden tools, lawnmowers and outdoor furniture, but you should avoid using it to store paint, wooden furniture or electronics, as all can become damaged in outdoor temperatures.

Wooden outbuildings

Often larger than a typical garden shed, these are similar in appearance but can be equipped with more high tech facilities, such as lighting and electricity.

You can use wooden outbuildings as an extension of your home to store office equipment, gym machines, a games room or simply an additional storage space. It’s rare to need planning permission for an outbuilding, as long as it’s single storey, is no higher 3/4m and if it doesn’t take up more than 50% of your total garden space.


Of course, a garage is mainly used to store vehicles, but many people use their garage for storage too, or sometimes entirely if they have driveway space for a car. A garage can be a detached building, but it’s more common for it to be attached to your property as a type of extension. Garage buildings are almost always brick, but there are several different types of door to choose from depending on your budget and level of security needed.

If you’re using your garage to store valuable items, you might want to think about aluminium steel shutter or roller doors, or a remote control operated model. Like sheds, there are some important things you should never store in your garage, including propane tanks, bedding and temperature sensitive items like wine and canned food.


Although mainly used for growing plants and vegetables, a greenhouse is also a handy place to store extra gardening equipment, seeds or bulbs. If you’re a keen gardener then it helps to be organised and have all your equipment in one place, and a greenhouse can provide this for you if you don’t have room for an extra shed. Add shelves, crates or even old upcycled furniture like a chest of drawers, to create handy storage solutions for your garden essentials.

Industrial storage buildings

As you might expect, industrial storage buildings are much larger than their domestic counterparts, and are used by manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and other similar businesses, to hold and store large quantities of goods. We will discuss different types in more detail below.


This is the most common form of industrial storage building; typically made from a series of interlocking steel poles and pipes, they are large buildings usually found on the edge of towns and cities. Warehouses are often designed for the loading and unloading of goods, so they require a vast storage area as well as loading bays for goods vehicles to dock at.

Because they are used to store such large quantities of stock and other items, warehouses need to be highly secure; often employing a sophisticated system of CCTV cameras, alarms and security guards. Warehouses are used to store everything from packing materials to agricultural parts, electronics, stationary and much more.


A stable houses livestock, most commonly horses or cows, but it can also be used to store straw, excess feed or other farming equipment. Stables can vary hugely in size, from a more domestic sized stable housing a couple of animals, to vast industrial sized stables which can house hundreds.

Stables can be built from a wide range of materials, including brick, wood or steel. Wooden stables are the most affordable option, but it can be harder to control the temperature and they tend to get very hot in summer and cold in the winter.

Cold storage buildings

A form of specialised warehouse, cold storage buildings are used to safely store perishable items that wouldn’t survive in regular warehouse conditions. Cold storage keeps products at a temperature of the businesses’ choosing, ensuring they stay fresh and last as long as you need.

As you might expect, food items are one of the most common products stored in a cold warehouse, but they are used to keep many other items fresh, including camera film, medicine, plants, artwork and perfume.

Storage containers

Often owned by private companies, these can be used by both domestic and commercial clients to store anything of their choosing – from furniture to old electronics, clothes, books, stock and more. Storage containers come in several different sizes, ranging from around 8ft to 40ft, and can be rented on a short or long term basis, depending on your needs.

If you’re looking for high quality domestic storage solutions for your home, get in touch with Kirton Sectional Buildings. We’re trusted manufacturers of bespoke, high quality wooden buildings, including outdoor sheds, greenhouses, stables, timber garages and more. With a range of optional extras and free delivery and installation within 70 miles, we’ll take care of all your storage needs. To view our full product range or to discuss your requirements, give us a call or visit the website.

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