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Terms and Conditions

Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd offer a 10 year anti-rot guarantee (none transferable) on all the timber used in the manufacture of our timber products. However this does not cover the timber against any of the following; warping, swelling and shrinkage, small knot holes and splits due to extremes of temperatures and weather conditions. This is a natural part of the product which is prone to changes. Whilst quality is our main concern, (all materials are subjected to quality inspection for visible knot holes or splits during manufacture) due to movement and maturation of this natural product, dislodged knots or small splits can occur. We cannot be held responsible for the ageing process of this product but will always do our best to advise if this occurs.


Roofing Felt

Shed grade and heavy duty felt come with a guarantee for a period of 6 months against water penetration. Wrinkling is not a defect and is a natural occurrence due to the weather, temperatures and the movement of the timber product. Whilst every effort is taken during the time of manufacture we can not guarantee a colour match between rolls of felt.



The following are acceptable if they are neither obtrusive or bunched; bubbles, blisters, hairlines, blobs, fine scratches not more than 25mm long and minute particles. Glass should be viewed in daylight from inside the building at a distance of at least 1m away (2m for toughened) facing the glass. Glass is covered by a seven day scratch period, this means that after the seventh day from completion Kirton Sectional Buildings will not be held responsible for any scratches or imperfections.


Timber Treatment

We provide each customer with a complimentary tub of timber treatment – Super shield. We highly recommend application to the timber building as soon as possible after erection. This acts to seal the timber, which is porous by nature, against water penetration (multiple coats may be required). For maintenance of the building long term, we recommend annual use of a high quality water proofer used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Thermal treatment during the production of toughened glass can result in imperfections such as bows, roller wave distortion (caused by a reduction in the surface flatness) a degree of haze and an effect called anisotropy. These are inherent qualities of toughened glass and are unavoidable.



Mould growth is a natural occurrence in timber and is not a defect. If mould growth has occurred, we recommend the area be cleaned with warm soapy water to remove this. Once the area has dried out fully, apply Super shield to the problem area to help prevent regrowth.


Events outside our control

Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd cannot be held liable for any failure to perform and reserves the right to delay our contracted obligations due to events outside our reasonable control (force majeure event). If the circumstances in question continue for a continuous period in excess of 120 days, either party shall be entitled to give notice in writing to the other to terminate the agreement.


Product Specification

As part of the Company’s policy of continued product improvement, Kirton Sectional Building Ltd reserve the right to modify the product specification without prior notice. These changes will only take place when deemed necessary.


Base Requirements

Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd recommend a square, level and prepared base, comprised of either paving slabs or a concrete pad. A well prepared base is essential to the overall finish of the building quality/structure but also the aesthetic and long term function of the timber building purchased.  We also, on this basis recommend the utilisation of timber bearers (can be provided at a cost from Kirton Sectional Buildings) to help obtain the best quality finish by our team of erectors. We do not recommend that timber buildings are erected onto grass or bare earth.

Assembly is offered on the understanding that a prepared base (as above) is ready with sufficient means of access to the site. If there is an issue with the base, Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd will require a minimum of 5 days’ notice to re- schedule. If the site is found to be unsatisfactory on arrival customers will have the following options:

  1. The Building can be left for self-assembly (no self-assembly refund given)
  2. The Building can be left at the customers property with a follow up visit once the base has been brought up to a satisfactory standard, this will incur a £100 charge payable at the time of booking.
  3. The Building can be returned to our site with a follow up visit when the base has been brought up to a satisfactory standard, this will incur a £150 charge payable at the time of booking.
  4. The customer can opt to sign a base disclaimer, our fitters can pack the building with wooden chocks to bring the building to level (where it is safe and reasonable to do so). By signing the disclaimer the customer is indemnifying Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd from all liability for any faults arising from levelling the building i.e. doors dropping etc.


Access and Delivery

There must be appropriate access for our erectors to carry the individual panels to the proposed site, Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage caused during installation. The largest panel used during construction would be 14ft x 8ft. Customers must advise on any height restrictions, narrow gaps, tight turns, or any issues with access at the time of purchase with the sales team. Our erectors are instructed, for health and safety reasons, not to lift any panels over fencing, walls or garages. The customer will be required to sign a disclaimer accepting all responsibility for damage incurred while accessing the base through a neighbour’s property or whilst taking the building through a house if this is the only access. The standard delivery allows a carry of up to 45 metres (50 yards) from the nearest parking point to the proposed site. If the proposed base is over 45 metres, the customer must advise Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd directly, whereby we reserve the right to levy a surcharge as appropriate. Failure to do so may result in your unit being delivered as far as vehicle access and left for self-assembly (no self-assembly refund given). Customers must ensure adequate parking is available for a vehicle of 7m in length and 2.5m in width, parking permits must be provided for our vehicle if required. The Customer must accept full responsibility for any parking fines incurred during the period of installation.


Payment options

Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd accept the following payment options: Cash, Cheque – made payable to Kirton Sectional Buildings LTD, VISA, Switch, MasterCard, Delta, and Bank transfer.  Kirton Sectional Buildings require a 50% minimum deposit with every order, balance payable the day before delivery of the building. Failure to pay the balance the day before delivery will result in the building being rescheduled, additional charges may apply.



Subject to a 3% cancellation charge, on bespoke buildings we reserve the right to deduct up to 100% of the building cost from any refund, due to the bespoke nature of the building.



Under Article 6 of the GDPR, following the prefix of Public Task ‘a contract with the individual’. To fulfil our contractual obligation to supply goods or requested services we retain the right to securely store customers contact details for the legally required 6 year retention period. Following which these details will be destroyed. No information will be shared with any 3rd parties or used for marketing purposes.



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