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From Gardening to DIY: How to Make the Most of Your Shed

The humble shed has been a treasured feature of British back gardens for decades. What started out as a basic, inexpensive wooden structure designed purely for storage has since become an invaluable space in the garden, used for a variety of weird and wonderful things.

Whilst the exteriors may not look massively different, if you were to step inside the garden sheds of every property on your street, you’d no doubt discover a range of interiors and uses, from cluttered tool sheds to beautifully designed summerhouses. Many homeowners opt to transform their sheds and utilise them for a whole host of random things – perhaps they don’t have room in the main house, or maybe they simply want a separate space to escape to. Either way, it’s fair to say that more and more people are making the most of their garden sheds.

Sheds have developed into much more than a simple pre-assembled structure for chucking stuff into – so how else can sheds be used? In this blog, we take a look at just a few ideas; there’s shed ideas for practical DIY enthusiasts, sheds for savvy business people and sheds for those who just want to have a bit of fun!

Tools and equipment storage

Whilst garden sheds now lend themselves to a variety of uses, you can’t argue with their original purpose – storage. Between the first and second World War, sheds were first sold to the masses as a convenient space to store tools, equipment and machinery and for many of us, they still serve the same purpose.

If you love gardening, a shed is the perfect place to keep your lawnmower, hedge trimmers and seed collections. Meanwhile, if extreme sports is your thing, why not keep your mountain bikes and cycling gear in there? From garden furniture to DIY tools, your shed is the ideal storage space – just remember to add a sturdy lock on the door!

Home office

Whilst it may seem like a bit of an upgrade from a simple place for storing your belongings, your garden shed could offer the ideal location for a peaceful home office. If you work from home or you often find yourself bringing your work home with you, you’re no doubt hankering for a quiet space away from the main house where you can get on with your job in peace.

After all, there’s nothing more infuriating than the chaotic sound of ‘dinner time’ going on around you or the tempting but distracting urge to try and work whilst also watching TV. When you transform your garden shed into a home office, you can separate work from home and make sure you get everything done with no interruptions.

Home gym

Another innovative way that homeowners are utilising their garden sheds is by transforming them into home workout spaces. Rather than paying for a gym membership, why not invest in some home gym equipment and pump some iron in your garden? Rowing machines, spinning bikes and free weights are bulky pieces of equipment and most of us don’t have space for them in our house, however, a shed offers the ideal solution. You can work out in privacy, without the sweaty, competitive atmosphere of a gym, and blast your favourite motivating tunes to get you pumped.

If a hardcore strength or cardio workout isn’t your thing, you could always convert your shed into a yoga or pilates studio. An out building like a shed is the perfect place to get some peace and quiet away from the house, allowing you to practice a peaceful pastime without any distractions.

Games room

So far, we’ve just offered up ideas that are all work and no play, but why not consider converting your shed into place to have some fun? If you have children, you could create a kid’s den or playhouse at the end of your garden, filled with all of their favourite toys where they can dream up imaginary games with their friends all summer long. Alternatively, if your little ones aren’t so little anymore, your garden shed could provide the perfect place for teenagers to escape the main house and relax with their friends.

But remember, it’s not just young people that need a space to wind down. If you’re a kid at heart, you could convert your shed into a games room for your pool table, darts board or foosball table, or even build a mini bar so you can enjoy your favourite tipples with friends and family. Hook your shed up with some powerful speakers and you can while away the hours listening to music and chilling out with your nearest and dearest.


Carrying on the theme of less work and more play, another way in which homeowners are utilising their garden sheds is to transform them – or replace them – with a summerhouse. These garden buildings are a luxurious addition, offering a relaxing place to sit and enjoy your garden, and a step up from your average timber shed. Summerhouses are designed to look more aesthetically pleasing, with glass panels in the doors and even a porch area at the front.

If you love hosting BBQs and parties during the summer, a summerhouse offers some welcome shade from the hot sun where your guests can sit down and relax. You can use the space for storage too, keeping all of your garden furniture and garden games, ready to be used as soon as the sun comes out, rather than burying them at the back of your garage or have them cluttering up your back porch.

Quiet corner

If you’re not much of a party animal and a busy summer BBQ sounds like hell on earth, you might want to utilise your garden shed as a space to enjoy some well-earned ‘me’ time. Deck out your shed with some comfy interior products like bean bags, blankets and cushions, and decorate the space with candles and plants, creating a truly tranquil environment for R&R.

Perhaps you’re an avid reader or you’re getting into meditation; either way, by transforming your garden shed into a quiet corner to escape the pressures of everyday life, you can spend your evenings and weekends doing whatever you need to do to truly relax.

Hobby shed

Whatever your weird and wonderful hobby may be, why not use your garden shed as a place to really immerse yourself and escape your working life? Whether you’re a passionate writer working on your first novella, an experimental artist trying out new techniques or an amateur carpenter who enjoys toiling over quirky furniture and sculptures, utilising your garden shed is the best way to really hone your skills and take your passion to the next level.

From artist studios to carpentry workshops, if you had a look inside garden sheds up and down the country, you’d no doubt find people working on a whole range of home projects, fully engrossed and focused thanks to having no distractions or interruptions.

Business space

Whilst some people want to keep their hobbies as a recreational activity, others choose to take it one step further and turn what was once a Sunday afternoon pastime into a lucrative business venture. If this is the case, you’ll most certainly need a space dedicated to putting your heart and soul into the project.

Perhaps your natural flair for drawing has lead you to design and sell greetings cards, or maybe you’re passionate about pickles and you need a space to package your pickled products to sell on. Some of the most successful brands on the shelves today began as fledgling businesses in home kitchens and garden sheds – don’t underestimate your talent and use your shed to take the plunge!

Equally, if you’ve been training as a masseuse, counsellor, homeopath or pretty much anything that requires you to have a space to welcome and offer your services to clients, a fully refurbished shed could be the ideal solution. It’s a private, peaceful room where your customers will feel calm and comfortable – and be surrounded by nature!

Kirton Sectional Buildings: Offering a comprehensive range of shed styles, from basic timber sheds to charming summerhouses

If you’re inspired by some of our ideas and you’re looking for a garden shed that offers much more than just storage space, choose Kirton Sectional Buildings today. With our comprehensive range of shed styles, you can find something that not only suits the overall appearance of your garden, but is also the perfect size for whatever you plan to use it for. Along with our standard timber sheds, we also have a variety of playhouse and summerhouse designs, as well as products for specific uses like stables, greenhouses and dog huts.

As a family run company with a reputation for quality products, you can rest assured that anything you purchase from our range will be good value for money and stand the test of time. Plus, if you have a particular design in mind but you can’t see it within our catalogue of products, we’re happy to create custom-built models designed specifically for your needs.

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