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Greenhouse Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

A greenhouse can be a lovely space in which to grow your favorite plants. However, growing several plants in a small space can result in a mess. They might also attract pests over time. That’s why it’s a good idea to clean your greenhouse on a regular basis.

The following tips will help you do so more effectively. Keep them in mind to keep your greenhouse as clean as possible.

Start with an Inspection

Don’t start cleaning your greenhouse right away. You should inspect it thoroughly first to prepare the space.

For instance, you may find loose debris or items in certain areas. Removing them first makes those spots easier to clean later. After periods of harsh weather, you might also find signs of minor damage that need to be addressed first before you can begin cleaning the greenhouse.

Choose the Right Time

Cleaning  a greenhouse is much easier when there are no plants inside of it. Thus, if possible, you may want to clean it during a time of year when you can safely remove the plants from the space.

Consult with a gardening expert if you’re not sure what time of year that might be. This also gives you an opportunity to replace the soil (as old soil may contain pathogens). Consider washing all your pots and containers before placing them back in the greenhouse as well.

Clean the Inside and the Outside

When cleaning your greenhouse, rinse the outside gently with a garden hose. If you are worried about an insect infestation, you might also want to apply a product designed to ward them off. Experts at your garden center can recommend one.

You should also gently rinse the floor of your greenhouse, and scrub any dirty surfaces clean. If there is substantial debris on the floor, sweep it away before rinsing it.

Make Sure it is Ventilated

Fungal diseases may affect your plants if your greenhouse isn’t properly ventilated. Thus, you need to ensure any openings to your greenhouse aren’t blocked by other large barriers or structures. Keep them open relatively often to allow for thorough ventilation. This is particularly important to keep in mind when cleaning, but it’s something worth remembering all throughout the year.

Following these tips and practising basic upkeep will help you make the most out of your greenhouse for years to come. Of course, if you’re ever in the market for a new one, we at Kirton Sectional Buildings will gladly supply it. Get started today by browsing your options on our website.

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