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Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Summer House Warm in Winter

When considering the best time of year to enjoy a summer house, the clue is in the name. These buildings are often used for sitting in to enjoy fine weather, and they provide people with a place to relax and appreciate the sunshine without the intense heat. There’s no denying that summer houses are to be predominantly enjoyed in the summer- but is there a way to make your cabin suitable for year-round use?

Whether you’re looking to significantly boost the insulation of your summer house or you simply want to make it a bit more cosy, read on for our top interior design tips for warming up your summer house in time for winter.

Cover the floors with area rugs

When in cold temperatures, it’s often your feet that tend to lose warmth first. Not only are cold feet extremely uncomfortable, but it can take what feels like hours for extremities to warm back up again. Luckily, area rugs offer an effective and affordable solution to ice cold floors. Thick area rugs will instantly make your cabin feel cosier and more comfortable and most importantly, they’ll help to keep your feet warm on particularly bitter winter days. So, invest in some warm woolen area rugs with thick underlay and give your summer house that extra layer of warmth it needs.

Think cosy

When kitting out your summer house for winter, it’s essential that you do this with cold weather in mind. Ensure your decor channels warmth, comfort and cosiness, and the space will begin to feel toasty in no time. Blankets, rugs and candles will not only physically help to heat up the space, but they are also things that you likely associate with warmth. Rich colours such as orange, red and gold will also contribute to a warm and welcoming aesthetic, so decorate your summer house to look cosy and this will undoubtedly result in the creation of a warm winter garden nook.

Invest in draught excluders

Keeping warm air in and cold air out is essential to achieving an optimum temperature during winter, and draught excluders are perfect for blocking up any problem cracks or gaps. Invest in some fun draught excluders that fit in seamlessly with your summer house’s style of decor, and help your cabin to retain heat even in the depths of winter. For more robust insulation, you may want to consider having your summer house inspected by a professional in the industry as they’ll be able to identify problematic areas before adding extra insulation to your roof, wall or flooring.

Consider heating

If you have access to electricity in your summer house, you may want to consider plugging in a portable heater for those particularly chilly winter evenings. Electric oil-filled radiators tend to stay warm for a while even after they’re switched off, and many heaters come with a precision thermostat for energy-efficiency. There are ways you can minimise your carbon footprint and reduce costs when using a plug-in heater, so this may be worth considering if you want your summer house to stay warm and cosy whatever the weather.

Whether your summer house is looking a little worse for wear or you want a more robust cabin in time for winter, we at Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd can help. From buildings that resemble log cabins to summer houses with an outdoor seating area, we have a variety of products to ensure you get the summer house of your dreams. Plus, all our cabins are built using the highest quality timber and can be glazed with toughened glass to provide thermal insulation. Contact us today to find out more.

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