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Three Reasons to Invest in a Potting Shed

If your garden currently has a wide open space that needs to be filled, it’s likely you’ve considered investing in a greenhouse or garden shed. For gardening enthusiasts, a greenhouse is a space purely dedicated to growing plants, giving you the room you need to expand your collection. On the other hand, a garden shed is a versatile building that you can use to store a myriad of things ranging from gardening tools to camping gear.

Making a decision between these two garden features can be a difficult one, but what about when you add a potting shed into the equation? Far from making your choice harder, we’ve made a list of three reasons why a potting shed could be the perfect addition to your garden.

It offers the best of both worlds

As mentioned previously, deciding between a greenhouse and a garden shed can be tricky- so why not go with an option that offers you the best of both worlds? A potting shed is constructed mainly from wood much like a garden shed, yet it is glass fronted to promote plant growth. Also, whereas greenhouses are largely dominated by plant life, potting sheds have space for you to store your gardening essentials as well as rear greenery. With this in mind, choosing a potting shed almost seems like a no-brainer as it provides you with a multi-purpose building that you can use to its full potential.

It’s warmer in winter

One of the benefits that a potting shed has over a greenhouse is that it’s undoubtedly warmer in winter. The wooden aspects of the building help to keep cold air out and warm air in and as a result, it’s the perfect place to house your more sensitive plants in winter. Also, depending on the size of your potting shed, it could also double up as a cosy relaxation spot for you to enjoy during winter, allowing you to enjoy a moment of solitude amidst nature. A larger potting shed is also likely to be a great living space in the warmer months too as it offers you a place to bathe in sunlight without being exposed to harmful rays.

It’s more customisable

Although you may be set on having a room dedicated to growing plant life now, this could all change further down the line. While a greenhouse only really lends itself to one use, a potting shed can easily be revamped to serve another purpose. Whether you decide you want to create a summer house to entertain guests or you’d prefer to transform your potting shed into a traditional garden shed, a potting shed is extremely versatile and, with a few alterations, can be turned into another room entirely.

At Kirton Sectional Building Ltd, we stock a range of potting sheds to ensure you find a building to suit your needs and, if not, we offer to custom-build models to specific requirements.

For more information on the services we offer in Gainsborough, contact us today and update your garden space with Kirton Sectional Buildings Ltd.

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