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Three Useful Accessories For Your Dog

As man’s best friend, it’s important that we take good care of our dogs. With 24% of the adult population owning a dog, it’s no wonder we are a nation of pet lovers. Owning a dog can be one of the best things; from comforting you on your worst days to tagging along on your adventures, your canine is always there for you, but they are still a responsibility.

From feeding to walking them, a dog needs love, attention and care. To help you with looking after your furry friend, invest in a few useful accessories – here are a few to consider for your home and garden that you might not have thought about.

Pet cameras

Got a mischevious puppy or a nervous hound that you worry about leaving? A pet camera could be the one for you, enabling it to sync up to your phone so you can check-in and keep an eye on whether they’re distressed or causing mischief. For those extra naughty pooches, consider a pet camera with two-way audio – this way, you can chastise your pup if you catch them climbing the curtains or scuffing up the carpet.

Timed pet feeder

Once your dog is in a routine of timed meals, there may come an occasion where you’re a bit late home from work or have an event that overruns and you may not be able to feed them. In this case, a timed pet feeder, also known as an automatic meal feeder, is a beneficial accessory to your household ensuring that your dog is happily fed.

Kennel or hut

Playing out in the garden as a family can be tiring for your dog, especially if it’s a hot day or they’re a bit older. Consider investing in a little sheltered area for them to relax, or have a quick kip, with a timber kennel or hut. If you’re planning to breed from your dog(s) later on, hut or pents are a must whereas a kennel can just be a little shady house to allow your dog to just sit and be in the garden.

If you’re looking for a high-quality dog kennel, hut or run, consider Kirton Sectional Buildings in Gainsborough today. Manufactured with timber, our timber buildings and products are durable and charming, whilst being made from timber ensures they are environmentally friendly also. For more information regarding our products, contact us today.

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