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Top Shed Styles for 2019

The humble garden shed, formerly used for storing all of your bits and bobs, has had a major transformation. No longer falling apart, ridden with cobwebs and long-forgotten items collecting dust, there is now a range of stylish garden shed designs to choose from at leading suppliers and manufacturers. Plus, garden sheds and other outbuildings can be crafted bespoke to suit both your needs and design ideas. This means that you can have a style of shed that complements your home and your tastes, resulting in an outbuilding that you will love and treasure all year round – even if you are just storing rusty garden tools in it!

Today, as a space, sheds are multi-faceted. Increasing the value of your home as well as providing a blank canvas for you to decorate and fill as you wish, you can utilise a garden shed in a variety of ways. For example, you could turn it into a quaint artistic workshop, a sleek home office or even a spare bedroom! If you are looking for ample amounts of inspiration for your garden shed, read on.

Mini History of the Shed

Known as being a man-cave for centuries, the garden shed has had comical escapist associations whereabouts a man could have a place of ‘refuge’ in the home away from his wife and kids. This was where he could stereotypically indulge in woodwork and creative projects or store his ‘manly’ items like power tools.

Infact the name “shed” comes from the Anglo Saxon word “scead” meaning “shade” and translating to a place of quiet, obscurity and seriousness. Plus, the occupant of the “scead” would typically be a hermit or a wise man – hence it’s general association with men.

Yet, from these beginnings eventually created a phenomenon where the shed became a spiritual dwelling of thinking. In fact, famous authors like Virginia Woolf, Rudyard Kipling, and Dylan Thomas all swore by their sheds being a place for them to craft their famous works.

Today, sheds are not just a place for men, but also they can be a place for women to inhabit too. Modern sheds can come in a variety of styles with fittings like double glazing windows, underfloor heating, plumbing facilities and more – making the garden shed into more than just a dusty accessory of the home. No matter if you have a blossoming passion for horticulture, or you want to add an extra spare bedroom to your home, installing a garden shed could transform the way you use your garden.

Vintage Cottage Style Garden Shed

A pretty addition to your outdoor space, a vintage cottage style garden shed is a quaint addition to your home and the perfect complement to a whimsical English garden. Imagine the picturesque scene, nestled amongst rose bushes, your shed pops out amongst the flowers.

Many shed designers will offer a vintage-style shed as they are pleasing on the eye and can make your garden look perfectly idyllic. To truly fulfil this ideal, have your garden shed made in wood with a gabled roof. Then have latticed windows and a decorative carved front door as an entrance installed. Once this has been completed, it’s all about what colour you choose. Complementary tones include shades of white and cream, or pastel hues like pink, yellow, blue or green with contrasting white doors and windows. Not only will this appear like a wendy house, but it is great for storing vintage garden tools, paints and luxe seating inside.

To decorate the interior of your vintage style shed, opt for painting the inside white to brighten and make the space look bigger. Vintage style accessories could include a refurbished ladder to store plants and small items, wicker seating, a floral rug and bunting. Depending on how you want to use the shed, store and place the items you need accordingly. However, this style of shed would perfectly suit an indoor sewing space, arts and crafts workshop or a vintage typewriter for whiling away many hours on a Sunday.

Steel Storage Locker

A more utilitarian design, a steel storage locker is ideal for businesses or if you want to safely lock away power tools. Plus, this design of shed may also suit homes and styles that lean towards sleek modern design.

With many practical elements like being secure, weather-resistant and long-lasting, a stainless steel locker style shed is great for homeowners who have plenty of important tools. What’s more, the imposing façade perhaps would be a deterrent for opportunistic thieves as it instantly makes it look secure and difficult to break into.

Greenhouse Shed Hybrid

If you can’t decide between a greenhouse or a garden shed, why not incorporate the two into one design? Ideal for small gardens and savvy homeowners, a greenhouse shed hybrid is quickly becoming a popular shed design. Simply because, as environmental concerns grow and allotments being highly competitive, more and more people are looking to grow their own fruit and vegetables on their property.

There is plenty of value in growing your own fruit and vegetables, both physically and mentally. Giving you a sense of achievement, getting you in the fresh air and helping you to live more mindfully, many are turning to gardening as a way to combat the daily stresses and anxieties that life throws at you. Plus, growing your own fruit and vegetables can encourage you to eat healthier, as well as the produce being of high quality, packed with vitamins and rid of mass-produced chemical pesticides.

With this in mind, a greenhouse shed hybrid may be the perfect investment. The way that this is constructed is half of the roof is made out of glass, helping to trap heat and encourage the plants to grow no matter what time of year it is. The other half of the roof would typically be made out of standard shed roofing like slate tiles or wood, which provides shade to plants that need it, a place to store tools or a pretty seating area where you can admire the growth of your plants with a morning brew.

Open Plan Modern Shed

Take inspiration from postmodern design movements and create an open plan, sleek modern shed that can be utilised as an another living space to hang out in or an office. This style of shed can be utilised for summer soirees, providing an indoor space for being to sit whilst still feeling like they are part of the outside. A way to do this is to install floor to ceiling bi-folding doors that let an abundance of light into the room, and can seamlessly let you move between the interior and exterior. Think of tall ceilings and a gabled roof when designing the shed as this will make the room feel airy and modern.

For interior decoration, paint the interior white to brighten and make the space feel bigger. Then for extra luxury, install underfloor heating, a plush sofa or hanging chair, a thick rug and a coffee table. Alternatively, you could turn this space into a stunning home office. It is no secret that more and more people are working remotely, whether they are small business owners, freelancers or if you often travel a long distance, if you work from home then you need to make sure that you have a space you can relax and also equally focus. The light from the bi-folding doors will enhance your productivity and boost your mood, whereas the underfloor heating will keep you warm whilst you work.

Two-Storey Shed

If you have a large garden and you want to maximise space on your property, why not install a two-storey garden shed? With the rage of tiny houses sweeping both Britain and America, you could create your own within your own back garden. You could fit this with a kitchenette, a small toilet and a bedroom above on a mezzanine level. Alternatively, a two-storey shed can help you store more bits and bobs, ideal for homes that feel cramped and cluttered. This could be enhanced with a gambrel or barn-style roof, which, when painted in a Dutch colonial style will add a touch of rusticity to your back garden.

Chalet style Shed

If you want to feel like you are on the alps in the comfort of your own home, a rustic wooden chalet-style shed is a great way to do this. With a similar design to a vintage cottage shed, you can quaintly have a petite front porch with latticed windows and a carved wooden door. The appeal lies in the organic wooden grain that you can enhance with wood treatments so it will last for years, and also the possibility to turn the interior into whatever you desire. A great interior for this style of shed would be a wooden snug you can retreat to with a wood-burning stove, sofa and rug. Alternatively, a workshop would work too.

Green Roof Shed

Green roofs are fast becoming a popular instalment for new domestic builds, schools and other commercial buildings. This is where the roof has plants or grass placed on top, helping to encourage more greenery and cleaner air in your area. Great for eco-conscious homeowners, to make your shed design even more ‘green’, you could have it made out of recycled wood.

Kirton Sectional Buildings, High-Quality Sheds and Bespoke Outbuildings in Gainsborough

If you are looking for a high-quality wooden shed, greenhouse or wendy house, it is vital that you choose a local maker who creates one designed just for you. From stables to summerhouses, here at Kirton Sectional Buildings, we can provide an array of stunning outbuildings designed for a variety of purposes. Handcrafted to your requirements, our outbuildings are made from the finest timber, withstanding the dreary British weather for years to come.

An outbuilding can be a significant investment, which is why it is imperative that you choose a business who can prioritise your needs. With our extensive product range and years of experience we can custom build one to your desires. To find out more, simply contact us today.

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